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“Dear Lord, the aunt I adored was both a sec­ond mother and best friend to me, and I’ve lit­er­ally been tor­tured by my grief since she passed away last year. I sobbed my heart out for weeks, and was ac­tu­ally grate­ful when my pain dulled to a throb­bing ache; at least I could be ‘func­tional,’ as they say. But then my ini­tial pain struck again like a bolt from the blue, and it’s been hap­pen­ing ever since. There’s no rhyme or rea­son to when it hits—all I know is when it does, it takes my breath away. If I’m out in pub­lic or at work, I can’t wait to get home and sob my­self to sleep. After­ward, I’m ex­hausted for at least a day. I know my aunt wouldn’t want me to live at the mercy of this mis­ery, but I don’t know how to de­fend against it when I can’t see it com­ing. Please…can You help?”

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