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Dear child, thank you for car­ing about your Fa­ther’s cre­ation and those who pop­u­late it. It’s a beau­ti­ful thing to ex­tend your heart in this way. But it’s some­thing you don’t want to do alone.

When you feel the pain of your planet or your neigh­bors and are not con­nected with Me, the hurt can cap­size your heart.

It’s too much. So you end up block­ing the prob­lem out, which doesn’t move you as a group to­ward a so­lu­tion. Most of you al­ter­nate be­tween feel­ing de­spair­ing, en­trench­ing in anger or re­sort­ing to for­get­ful­ness when con­fronted by the wrongs in your world.

There’s an­other way: By unit­ing with Me in prayer for a few min­utes each day, you can bring your con­nec­tion with Me more fully into your heart and into your aware­ness. When you are fully aware of how you abide in Me and I in you, you’ll feel for the world with Me. Yes, there will be sad­ness over what’s wrong but it will be more than coun­ter­bal­anced by joy over be­ing so near to Me. What’s right in Me al­ways trumps what’s wrong with the world.

Come to Me now and let’s pray for your Fa­ther’s cre­ation to­gether. Send Me your love and feel how I unite with you in love through the Holy Spirit. Now send out your prayer for the good of the world and feel how the sad­ness min­gles with joy and re­sults in peace. That’s Me with you and you with Me. —Je­sus to the dis­ci­ples,

John 14:18,20 NASB

“I will not leave you as or­phans; I will come to you…you will know that I am in My Fa­ther, and you in Me, and I in you.”

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