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“When I was of­fered a job as di­rec­tor for a non­profit help­ing trou­bled youth, I was thrilled. But it meant re­lo­cat­ing to New York City from my small town in Michi­gan. It was my heart’s work, yet the de­ci­sion tore me apart. I had friends here. I was com­fort­able. This was all I knew. I wasn’t sure if New York City was the right move. So each morn­ing, I got on my knees and begged God to tell me where He wanted me to be, but He re­mained in­con­ve­niently silent.

“Dur­ing my lunch break, I stopped in a café where a ragged­haired home­less man sat in a booth eat­ing a bowl of soup. He had a back­pack and a Bi­ble, along with a very pierc­ing stare. Feel­ing un­com­fort­able, I or­dered my sandwich to go and then hur­ried to­ward the door, but he held up his hand and told me to wait. I felt my frus­tra­tion rise. I was in no mood to talk or be hit up for money. Who knows what he’d use it for any­way, I thought cyn­i­cally. Just as I was about to give him some ex­cuse, he reached into his pack and with­drew a large bright red ap­ple.

“‘God told me this is where you be­long,’ he said with a wink. A piece of fruit? I thought an­grily. What does this guy know about where I be­long? How was a big ap­ple sup­posed to…The

Big Ap­ple. New York City. I sud­denly felt weak in my knees.

“‘Good luck on your new ad­ven­tures,’ the man added as he stood and slung his back­pack onto his shoul­der. ‘Re­mem­ber, we’re never re­ally lost…the Holy Spirit is al­ways here to guide us.’

“He walked away and left me stand­ing in the mid­dle of the café with the ap­ple in my hands. As I looked at the fruit, my heart soared know­ing I got the an­swer of where my life should go. And I re­al­ized that I should al­ways keep my heart open—be­cause any­one could be God’s messenger.”

—Sam­mie Rossi, 36, New York City

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