Simple Grace - - Letter From The Editor -

Dear child, I re­al­ize that it may seem that you live in a world of lim­ited re­sources, and see­ing oth­ers get some­thing can make you anx­ious that there’s less avail­able to you. The prob­lem with this per­spec­tive is that it leaves you feel­ing like a squir­rel who’s com­pet­ing for nuts: You’re never as­sured of hav­ing enough.

When you head off to col­lect more, you’re plagued by the fear that other squir­rels could be sneak­ing in to steal the ones you’ve got.

Your Fa­ther’s king­dom works dif­fer­ently: There’s al­ways more than enough spir­i­tual food for ev­ery­one. The more who ask, the more will be freely pro­vided. When you hum­ble your­self in rec­og­niz­ing your need and then open your heart to re­ceive what’s given, you can be as­sured of al­ways feel­ing filled with love, joy and peace. And nei­ther time nor your neigh­bor can take what you re­ceive from your Fa­ther and Me.

Are you ready to be filled with joy right now? Sum­mon the lov­ing grat­i­tude you feel for Me, then imag­ine your­self ex­tend­ing your arms and open­ing your hands to of­fer it up. As your fin­gers un­fold, the Holy Spirit will lift away the nut of envy you’ve been clutch­ing and re­place it with My lov­ing fruit. What­ever you re­quire—a peach of peace, an ap­ple of strength, a clus­ter of joy­ful berries—it’s there. Take a bite, then an­other. Do you feel your heart warm as its nour­ish­ing juice flows through you? Good! There is al­ways and al­ready enough.

“Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righ­teous­ness, for they shall be sat­is­fied.”

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