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Dear child, My love for you is wide and deep—as it is for ev­ery­one who strug­gles as you do and comes seek­ing My help. What you feel as “un­wor­thi­ness” is your own hu­man lim­i­ta­tion. You can­not see as your Fa­ther sees or hear as your Fa­ther hears, and so you make mis­takes. Please be gen­tle with your­self.

I sac­ri­ficed to in­ter­vene on your be­half be­cause I love you in this state of lim­i­ta­tion.

You’re exquisitely lovely to your Fa­ther and to Me just as you are. You each have a slightly dif­fer­ent kind of bro­ken­ness: Ev­ery soul re­fracts your Fa­ther’s light in a dif­fer­ent way. I of­fer My grace and My un­bounded love to all.

Can you do Me a fa­vor? Can you be as ten­der­hearted to­ward your­self as I am to you? All that is needed is the hu­mil­ity to ac­cept your lim­i­ta­tions. From that place of quiet ac­cep­tance, you can of­fer your­self ten­der­ness and com­pas­sion. Do you want to try this to­gether? Sum­mon up the lov­ing, joy­ous feel­ings you have in your heart and imag­ine send­ing them to Me. Feel your spirit lift as the Holy Spirit brings an in­rush of My love and clears away some old wor­ries and wounds. Fo­cus on the joy­ous love you feel from Me. I know all your lim­its and bro­ken places, and what you feel is My feel­ing to­ward you. Can you join Me in ac­cept­ing and lov­ing you? —Je­sus read­ing from the book of Isa­iah to the con­gre­ga­tion in Nazareth, Luke 4:18 NKJV

“He has sent Me to heal the bro­ken­hearted, to pro­claim lib­erty to the cap­tives and re­cov­ery of sight to the blind.”

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