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Dear child, thank you for reach­ing out to oth­ers in kind­ness and com­pas­sion. You bring Me much joy when you do My lov­ing work. That’s why I want you to ex­pe­ri­ence a full­ness of joy in re­turn: Not only does it lift your spirit, it lifts oth­ers’ spir­its in ways far greater than you know.

Have you ever watched a bee col­lect­ing pollen? As it trav­els from flower to flower, some of the pollen it picks up from one plant is passed along to the next. From those tiny grains of pollen from just one plant, many plants can bear new seeds—and from those seeds, new plants and flow­ers grow.

Your spirit works in much the same way: The joy you ex­pe­ri­ence is passed on and on, spread­ing in ways that can’t be seen but that you and oth­ers can feel. No joy­ful spirit is self­ish; it never takes any­thing away from oth­ers. Each con­trib­utes some­thing price­less that keeps your Fa­ther’s gar­den ex­pand­ing, grow­ing and ever in bloom.

As for your sor­row that oth­ers suf­fer, I feel it too. It’s one rea­son I ask you to con­tin­u­ally come to Me in prayer. When we com­mune to­gether with the Holy Spirit’s help, you shift the bur­den to Me. I can shoul­der the pain of the world for you, take away your sad­ness and re­fill your spirit with love, peace and joy. Come to Me now in silent prayer and let Me fill your spirit to over­flow­ing.

“‘Well done, good and faith­ful ser­vant. You have been faith­ful over a lit­tle; I will set you over much. En­ter into the joy of your master.’”

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