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Dear child, can you re­call a spe­cial mo­ment spent with your fam­ily, talk­ing or laugh­ing over a din­ner served on those dishes? I thought so. Now con­sider: How many spe­cial mo­ments did you spend with the dishes them­selves? Ah…not one. In­deed, the most rare and beau­ti­ful thing you pos­sess isn’t a pos­ses­sion at all:

Your true trea­sure is what’s cre­ated when your heart unites in love with an­other.

This is truly good news be­cause your heart’s beau­ti­ful cre­ation isn’t bro­ken down or de­stroyed the way plates, saucers and cribs even­tu­ally are. What your lov­ing heart cre­ates with an­other heart en­ters into your Fa­ther’s king­dom to be­come a part of His abun­dant riches. Held in a kind of heav­enly trust fund, the mo­ments when your heart touches an­other in love con­sti­tute your true trea­sure. As these mo­ments are held in your Fa­ther’s trea­sury, they are mag­ni­fied much like a sav­ings ac­count ac­crues in­ter­est.

The more you imag­ine your true trea­sure, the more your heart will seek, give and re­ceive love, and the more light and bliss you’ll feel in your life ev­ery day. So let go of the inan­i­mate re­minder of a liv­ing love with­out worry or care. Trust in your Fa­ther’s trea­sure. To feel the way that We can mul­ti­ply your love, send Me a beam of lov­ing grat­i­tude right now. Feel the Holy Spirit lift your spirit as brings back your love mag­ni­fied by Me. You’ll rest as­sured that love shared is love made eter­nal.

“For where your trea­sure is, there your heart will be also.”

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