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Dear child, thank you for reach­ing out to Me: Ask­ing for help when you feel your spirit dirt­ied by ugly feel­ings to­ward oth­ers is the per­fectly beau­ti­ful thing to do. I run an ex­cel­lent clean­ing ser­vice.

And a leper came to Him and bowed down be­fore Him, and said, “Lord, if You are will­ing, You can make me clean.” Je­sus stretched out His hand and touched him, say­ing, “I am will­ing; be cleansed.” And im­me­di­ately his lep­rosy was cleansed.

In truth, you do well to con­sider any­thing other than love to­ward your neigh­bor to be a di­min­ish­ment of your spirit that is akin to a dis­ease. Such an ail­ment can be dif­fi­cult to cure on your own, but I can cure it in­stantly. The more you let what sul­lies you rise in your heart and your mind—rather than deny­ing it and bury­ing it down be­neath your aware­ness—and reach out to Me in love, the more you can be cleaned.

Imag­ine your­self as a young child who gets dis­tracted play­ing in the mud. Sud­denly the babe re­al­izes, This is not what I want to be do­ing, and cries out for help. I will al­ways be there to ten­derly pick you up and clean you of your mis­takes. Do you want to come to Me now? Just set­tle into still­ness, re­lax and let all your wor­ries fade away. Send Me your ador­ing love and feel your spirit rise as the Holy Spirit brings you My lov­ing re­sponse. Of­fer up any mis­taken feel­ing you have had and feel as the Spirit whisks it away, leav­ing you per­fectly clean and new.

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