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“Dear Lord, I’ve asked for guid­ance daily since my com­pany closed last year, but haven’t heard a thing. As a re­sult, I had to take the first job that came along to pay my rent, and soon I’ll have to move be­cause of my lower wage. How can I fol­low Your plan for my life if I can’t tell what it is?” “The nat­u­ral per­son does not ac­cept the things of the Spirit of God…he is not able to un­der­stand them be­cause they are spir­i­tu­ally dis­cerned.”

Wis­dom of the Word We un­der­stand and yet… As much as we want to fol­low where You lead, some­times we can’t hear or feel Your guid­ance. If there are in­struc­tions we’re some­how miss­ing, please re­veal them!

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