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Dear child, I un­der­stand how it’s tempt­ing to ex­cuse ac­tions that come from a place of un­kind­ness be­cause they seem to have lit­tle ef­fect on oth­ers. But it’s a failed ap­proach that will lead you astray.

Some­times you will act from a place of pure love and your ac­tions will have a seem­ingly neg­a­tive ef­fect, as can hap­pen when your neigh­bor is closed-hearted.

Other times, you will act from a place of anger—even ha­tred—and your ac­tions will have a seem­ingly good ef­fect, as your neigh­bor is so large-hearted that he calls upon the Spirit to help turn your grudge into gold.

It takes two hearts to cre­ate an ef­fect in the world, and you can only con­trol one. Your Fa­ther and I see right to your heart, and so it’s in your high­est in­ter­est to keep it clean, pure, open and lov­ing. You gain noth­ing by try­ing to qui­etly “even the score.” You gain joy and life ev­er­last­ing by work­ing to­ward keep­ing your heart pure.

The next time you feel as though you want to pun­ish your neigh­bor for a trans­gres­sion, bring your frus­tra­tion and anger to Me in­stead. Send Me your lov­ing grat­i­tude, then sim­ply ask, Je­sus, will you please take these ugly feel­ings from me? You’ll feel your spirit rise in joy as My Helper whisks away what’s mar­ring your heart. As sim­ply as that, you will stay clean and by My side.

“You are those who jus­tify your­selves be­fore men, but God knows your hearts. For what is ex­alted among men is an abom­i­na­tion in the sight of God.”

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