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“Af­ter all three of my daugh­ters went off to col­lege, I didn’t know who I was any­more. I’d al­ways been a stay-at-home mom, so with an empty house and only my­self and my hus­band to take care of, I felt lonely and com­pletely with­out pur­pose. I won­dered if I’d ful­filled God’s plan for my life…and if I had, what was left for me to do?

“One Sun­day, my hus­band was un­der the weather, so I went to church alone. As I sat down and looked around, I saw that I was sur­rounded by moth­ers and their chil­dren. Sad­ness washed over me and all I could do was hold back tears and say a silent prayer for com­fort and di­rec­tion.

“When the ser­vice was over, I grabbed my hand­bag, des­per­ate to leave be­fore I started cry­ing. But as I got to the car, I re­al­ized I’d mis­tak­enly taken the bag of the woman who’d sat next to me. As I bit back more tears and turned to re­turn the bag, I saw she’d fol­lowed me to my car.

The kind woman smiled and we ex­changed purses, but then she saw my ex­pres­sion. ‘Are you okay?’ she asked, con­cerned.

“With­out mean­ing to, I poured my heart out to her about how lost I felt. To my sur­prise, she gave me a hug and said that she may have a so­lu­tion: She ran an or­ga­ni­za­tion for teen girls who needed strong women to men­tor and pray with them, and in­vited me to come by.

“That week, when I went to meet some of the girls, I felt more hope than I’d felt in months and my heart filled with pur­pose. Sud­denly, I re­al­ized I didn’t ac­tu­ally grab the wrong purse that day…God en­sured I grabbed the right one.” —Lyn May, 52, Phoenix

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