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Dear child, thank you for your lov­ing heart to­ward Me, but with all due re­spect, I do not need your de­fense. When Peter rushed to My de­fense dur­ing My cap­ture, I com­manded him to put down his sword. And I ask you to do the same.

When a flower grows, it rec­og­nizes the sun as the source of its life and it nat­u­rally turns its face to­ward the light. That’s how ev­ery­one must come to Me: from a place of free will, a place of deep re­mem­ber­ing that your Fa­ther is the source of life and I am His Son.

When peo­ple tes­tify against Me, don’t bully back. In­stead, shine My light on them. Send them your lov­ing prayers that they may some­day look up and see My love and will­ingly de­sire to grow to­ward it. When you refuse to bully back, some will marvel and won­der and ques­tion their own as­sump­tions. That’s what I want.

But what of you? I know it hurts your heart to feel Me ig­nored or at­tacked. That’s why it’s im­por­tant to seek My lov­ing em­brace ev­ery day. In place of meet­ing hate with hate, meet love with love by send­ing Me a wave of the ten­der­ness you feel to­ward Me. Feel the Holy Spirit bring you My lov­ing re­ply and just rest in My arms. Al­low your spirit to be cleansed and re­newed and al­low your heart to fill so it’s burst­ing with love. There…that’s My way.

Then Pi­late asked Him again, say­ing, “Do You an­swer noth­ing? See how many things they tes­tify against You!” But Je­sus still an­swered noth­ing, so that Pi­late mar­veled.

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