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Dear child, I’m so sorry you are fac­ing these chal­lenges, but for­tu­nately there are two se­crets that lead both to in­creased pro­duc­tiv­ity and in­creased close­ness with Me. Those two are a quiet mind and a pure heart.

As de­mands in­crease, you must keep your mind calm and stay in the present. If you look for­ward or back­ward, your mind will race with re­grets and fears. Those twin devils will cloud your heart and leave you feel­ing con­tracted, un­happy, less able to smoothly move for­ward with your tasks.

When you find your­self pan­ick­ing over how much you have to do, seek out a pri­vate place to take a time-out. If you’re at work, this could be your car or a bench out­side or even the re­stroom. Just take a mo­ment to close your eyes and place one hand on your heart. Let your wor­ries fall away—just stop think­ing through them—and re­lease any ten­sion in your body. Send Me a wave of af­fec­tion and ask Me to ground you in the right now by send­ing up some­thing like, Je­sus, please bring me into the present with You and let ev­ery­thing else fall away. You’ll feel the Holy Spirit lift your spirit. You may feel sleepy as the Spirit re­pairs and re­news your spirit. Sim­ply rest your thoughts for a few min­utes while keep­ing your heart open to al­low Him to work. As you feel your mind clear­ing, open your eyes and re­sume your day with greater clar­ity, strength of pur­pose and a true sense of be­ing trea­sured.

“The good per­son out of the good trea­sure of his heart pro­duces good.”

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