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Dear child, the way to keep your spirit from be­ing dragged down by oth­ers is to run into My lov­ing arms…again and again. When you send out your heart only to be re­buffed, come to Me.

Imag­ine a sin­gle can­dled buf­feted by the wind. See its flame flicker and then turn to em­ber. Now imag­ine that same wick mar­ry­ing for a few min­utes to a strong danc­ing flame— it comes back so fast!

That’s just like you in Me. I can re­store you that quickly, that pow­er­fully—all you need to do is seek Me out.

One way to make your­self re­silient to the re­buff of oth­ers is to spend 5 to 10 min­utes in com­mu­nion with Me ev­ery day. If you make this a habit, you’ll al­ways start the day with your spirit so for­ti­fied that you’ll be able to with­stand even the strong­est wind of in­dif­fer­ence on the part of oth­ers with­out so much as a flicker. All you need to do is sit com­fort­ably, close your eyes and think of breath­ing out any ten­sion re­sid­ing in your body and ev­ery worry float­ing though your mind. Once your mind and body are still and re­laxed, imag­ine breath­ing in My love and breath­ing out your love to­ward Me. As you breath in, imag­ine My light float­ing in through the crown of your head and flow­ing through your body. As you breath out, send Me a “thank you” for that light. Feel your spirit soar and your heart swell as you are re­newed and re­stored.

“As the liv­ing Fa­ther sent Me, and I live be­cause of the Fa­ther, so he who feeds on Me will live be­cause of Me.”

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