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Dear child, you need only to nav­i­gate your own heart and al­low oth­ers to nav­i­gate theirs. Just be­cause your friend is com­fort­able with a cer­tain break­down of du­ties within her fam­ily doesn’t mean you need to be. Your Fa­ther gifts each of you with a dis­tinct pal­ette of in­cli­na­tions, abil­i­ties, skills. And these lead to dif­fer­ent des­tinies. Look­ing left or right won’t help you paint the mas­ter­piece of your life.

To un­cover your true pur­pose, you must see with the eyes of a pure heart. To pu­rify your heart, you must en­sure it’s free from dark­ness, free from things like re­sent­ment, su­pe­ri­or­ity and fear. That’s why you need to care­fully nav­i­gate your deal­ings with oth­ers. When you re­ceive from Me and give from your place in Me, this giv­ing will be cleans­ing to your heart. But when you tire and find you’re giv­ing more than you take in, your heart will be­gin to clog with re­sent­ment. This will sap your joy, blur your heart’s vi­sion and build dis­tance be­tween you and Me. So you must strike the right bal­ance be­tween giv­ing and re­ceiv­ing. And that bal­ance will be dif­fer­ent for each of you.

Do you have five min­utes to re­ceive from Me right now? Sit com­fort­ably, close your eyes and al­low your wor­ries to pass out of your mind. Feel the love you feel for Me well up in your heart and imag­ine send­ing that love to Me.

Feel your spirit lift as the Holy Spirit brings you My lov­ing an­swer. Soak in this joy­ous feel­ing un­til you’re filled to the brim. And re­mem­ber, re­fills are avail­able any­time. —Je­sus to the crowd,

Matthew 5:8

“Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.”

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