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“Dear Lord, the an­swered prayers that oth­ers say they get from You have me tied up in knots: I can’t tell if these peo­ple are crazy, or I am. I’ve al­ways re­served my re­quests for pretty im­por­tant mat­ters, and even then they’re not al­ways an­swered (which, to be hon­est, is never easy for me to ac­cept). Friends and ac­quain­tances not only pray for mi­nor things—like find­ing their car keys, get­ting an open­ing at the hair salon or hav­ing their sports teams win—they swear they re­ceive them! I’m not ques­tion­ing oth­ers’ tes­ti­mony: I’m ac­tu­ally just feel­ing a lit­tle left out. I don’t bother You un­til it’s ab­so­lutely nec­es­sary, and have never con­sid­ered You a wish granter. But those who do seem to have their prayers an­swered eas­ily while I end up feel­ing lost and over­looked. Why do You an­swer some peo­ple’s prayers and not oth­ers?”

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