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“Dear Lord, I’m blessed to have a mother who raised me with love, but when I think of my fa­ther, my heart clenches with sor­row and anger. He and my mother di­vorced when I was 5 years old, and af­ter that, he made only rare ap­pear­ances in my life. As a child, I re­mem­ber fan­ta­siz­ing that if I was good enough, he’d claim me. But no mat­ter how I ex­celled in school, glee club or orches­tra, I never looked out and saw him in the au­di­ence. As an adult, with the help of the In­ter­net, I fol­lowed him for sev­eral years be­fore learn­ing that he’d passed away—and taken all hope of a fairy-tale end­ing with him. Though I have a good life and other mem­bers of my fam­ily whom I love dearly, I of­ten feel like my 7-year-old self: A lit­tle girl with love to give a daddy who wouldn’t ac­cept it. How do I over­come the pain of hav­ing him re­ject me?”

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