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Dear child, of course it’s un­der­stand­able that you wish to cel­e­brate when your good heart is vin­di­cated, but you run a risk in this. By cheer­ing at an­other’s fail­ure, no mat­ter how well-de­served, you sully your own heart. In do­ing this, you choose sides against your neigh­bor. You rely on your Fa­ther and I never choos­ing sides—if we did, we could choose against you—so it’s best that you do not choose sides ei­ther. When­ever you make a dif­fer­ent choice than I would, you cre­ate a dis­tance be­tween us. In turn­ing against your neigh­bor, your heart in­vari­ably moves away from Mine.

Think of your Fa­ther’s glory as light and imag­ine your own spirit as a beau­ti­ful veil with an en­tirely unique weave. When your spirit is free of anger, re­sent­ment, greed and gloat­ing, your spirit is free from dirt. Your veil is as clean and pure as a bride’s. When your Fa­ther’s glory flows through Me through you—wow!—it cre­ates a one-of-a-kind beauty that makes your Fa­ther feel that all His ef­forts and all His mercy are worth all the ways He has ex­tended Him­self.

I’m al­ways here to help. Send Me a burst of your love any­time, day or night, and you will feel the Holy Spirit lift your spirit. Rest in that lift­ing and He will clean and pu­rify you at no cost to you what­so­ever. Trust Me, it is the one deal you def­i­nitely don’t want to let pass by.

“And the glory which

You gave Me I have given them, that they may be one just as We are one: I in them, and You in Me.”

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