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“Dear Lord, my daugh­ter’s wed­ding is com­ing up in three weeks and I’m be­side my­self with sor­row: It feels as if she’s al­ready cho­sen her fi­ancé’s fam­ily over me. Though I knew I’d have to share her with her hus­band, I didn’t ex­pect to take a back­seat to his par­ents. But she’s in­cluded them in ev­ery de­tail of the wed­ding and re­cep­tion, and it’s not be­cause she’s be­ing po­lite. She ac­tu­ally fol­lowed her fu­ture mother-in-law’s ad­vice to buy a new wed­ding gown, and re­jected the one I’d lov­ingly stored away for her for years. I’ve tried bring­ing up how pushed aside I’m feel­ing, and she’s as­sured me she still loves me and that I have noth­ing to worry about. But all I do is worry as she moves fur­ther and fur­ther away from me. I’m afraid I’m go­ing to lose her en­tirely. Please help me move past this feel­ing of de­spair!”

Wis­dom of the Word

There is no fear in love, but per­fect love casts out fear. For fear has to do with pun­ish­ment, and who­ever fears has not been per­fected in love.

—John in his first let­ter to the Early Church, 4:18

We un­der­stand and yet…

When those we hold most pre­cious share their love with oth­ers, we can feel cast aside. How do we es­cape the sink­ing feel­ing that chil­dren and friends who form new re­la­tion­ships will aban­don the lov­ing re­la­tion­ships we formed with them first?

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