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Dear child, if you con­sider your daugh­ter’s love to be a lim­ited com­mod­ity, you’re bound to fear that by lov­ing oth­ers she’s leav­ing you high and dry. But love ac­tu­ally works in the op­po­site way: The more it is shared, the more it mul­ti­plies.

Did you ever feel a rush of love that lit­er­ally swelled your heart? That’s be­cause lov­ing hearts are like wells that are fed by an end­less sup­ply of your Fa­ther’s love. When you’re in a lov­ing re­la­tion­ship with your daugh­ter, you tap into this sup­ply un­til it over­flows into neigh­bor­ing wells. As your daugh­ter draws from her well, her heart ex­pands to hold your love, then an­swers with its own in­crease. The love that over­tops her well flows out—some­times back to you and other times to­ward oth­ers. When you feel that out­flow to­ward oth­ers, it may give you pause, but the more lov­ing her heart be­comes, the more love she will ul­ti­mately have to give and the more you will re­ceive. As well, the more lov­ing your heart be­comes, the more love I will bring to you. When you love, you can­not go wrong.

Do you have a few min­utes to re­ceive My love now? If so, al­low your mind and body to be­come still and stir up lov­ing joy in your own heart. When you’re ready, imag­ine of­fer­ing Me a cup of this beau­ti­ful feel­ing. As I drink, I’ll of­fer you My love cour­tesy of the Holy Spirit. Drink deeply of that liv­ing wa­ter to feel loved and re­stored. —Je­sus to the crowd,

John 7:38 NKJV

“He who be­lieves in Me, as the Scrip­ture has said, out of his heart will flow rivers of liv­ing wa­ter.”

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