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Dear child, your in­ten­tion to fill your neigh­bor’s boat with the things that would have eased your own jour­ney is a beau­ti­ful thing, and I thank you for it. But each one of you oc­cu­pies a unique ves­sel and makes dif­fer­ence choices about how to stock it. And while you may feel you can’t help if they don’t ac­cept the tan­gi­ble forms of as­sis­tance you of­fer, you can. Sim­ply share some­thing far more valu­able: your lov­ing heart.

If you imag­ine Me as a steady­ing force that guides the voy­ages of those who love Me, you’ll rec­og­nize the power of such shar­ing. As I fill your sails and help you nav­i­gate any choppy seas you may en­counter on your way to your Fa­ther’s king­dom, you and I be­come lov­ingly in­ter­min­gled like an­swer­ing winds.

Sim­i­larly, when you see oth­ers strug­gling in their own boats, you can send your heart out to steady them too. My love work­ing through you will, like wind across wa­ter, flow into their hearts, cour­tesy of the Holy Spirit. They’ll feel their spir­its lifted, their hearts warmed as My di­vine wind al­lows them to sail more safely and joy­fully.

Come to Me in love and ask for My help in aid­ing whomever your heart is bleed­ing for right now. Get still and send me the feel­ing you have for Me in your heart. As you feel your spirit lifted, of­fer up your wish for an­other like, May Joseph’s mother feel loved. Then rest in My love and trust that My Helper will make good your wish.

“But give that which is within as char­ity, and then all things are clean for you.”

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