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Dear child, I feel your pain: I know how un­fair life can seem when viewed through your eyes. But the truth is, you aren’t able to truly see what is good and what is bad.

Imag­ine the case of one who seems to go through life with­out hard­ship: She grows up in a lov­ing fam­ily, mar­ries eas­ily, has no trou­ble be­com­ing a mother, has am­ple re­sources to raise her chil­dren. Putting aside the fact that this per­son surely has suf­fer­ing that can’t be seen from the out­side, when I imag­ine such a life, I feel afraid for this per­son. Why afraid? Be­cause it’s through over­com­ing chal­lenges—and yes, through suf­fer­ing—that you fall in love with Me, that you draw closer to your Fa­ther. With­out hard­ship, it’s very hard to keep Us in your heart.

In other words, there is ask­ing, which most ev­ery­one does. And there is seek­ing, which only those who feel a per­sis­tent sense of long­ing do. And then there is knock­ing, which only those who face real ad­ver­sity do. Be­cause knock­ing leads to peace in this life and a most beau­ti­ful place in your Fa­ther’s king­dom in the here­after, ad­ver­sity can be a beau­ti­ful bless­ing.

This is hard teach­ing, and I know it’s hard to send Me your love when you’re in the midst of hard­ship. But please do: By mar­ry­ing with Me in love, you al­low Me to bet­ter guide and com­fort you in your time of strug­gle.

“For ev­ery­one who asks re­ceives, and the one who seeks finds, and to the one who knocks it will be opened.”

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