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Simple Grace - - Front Page - —Eve Lans­ing, 62, Manch­ester, NH

“A few months ago, I pulled up to a stop­light and no­ticed a man hold­ing a card­board sign that read: HUN­GRY PLEASE HELP! My heart went out to him as I fum­bled for my wal­let, but all I had was a cou­ple of dol­lars and an old gift card to McDon­ald’s.

“As he walked up to my win­dow, I hes­i­tated. I knew God called on us to give, but I’d never been in a po­si­tion to of­fer much. In fact, I lived from pay­check to pay­check and wor­ried I was one step away from wind­ing up like the poor man out­side my car. It al­ways made me feel as if I was let­ting down the Lord. Once again, a man needed a loaf, and all I had to give were crumbs.

“‘I wish I had more, but I hope this will help,’ I said, hand­ing him the money and my gift card. ‘God bless you.’

“A week later, I took my two grand­kids to McDon­ald’s for Happy Meals. To my sur­prise, the very same man I had given money to on the street stood be­hind the counter wear­ing a uni­form and a smile.

“‘If it wasn’t for your gift card, I wouldn’t have come here and ap­plied for a job that day,’ he said. ‘I prayed I’d find work again, and then you came along with ex­actly what I needed!’

“As he took our order, I felt my spirit soar and mar­veled at how our Fa­ther can do so much with so lit­tle! The man thanked me once more by pay­ing for our lunch him­self. I held his hand and said with a wink, ‘I think God de­serves all the thanks.’”

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