Simple Grace - - You’re Never Alone - —Becca Rossi, 43, Port­land, OR

“When my best friend,

Rox­anne, moved out from the apart­ment next door to go live with her daugh­ter in Cal­i­for­nia, I clung to prayer, beg­ging

God to re­lieve my lone­li­ness. I used to look for­ward to com­ing home from work, or­der­ing a pizza with Rox­anne, watch­ing Net­flix and just hav­ing a warm hug at the end of it all. The more I prayed that God would bring an­other spe­cial per­son into my life, the more alone I felt.

“When two loud col­lege kids moved into Rox­anne’s old apart­ment, anger de­voured me and I bit­terly as­sumed God wanted me to re­main lonely. If You know the needs of our heart, You sure have a funny way of show­ing it, my heart cried.

“One evening, weary af­ter an­other long day at work, I came home to find an orange kit­ten curled up by my door. I’d never seen her around be­fore. I asked the new neigh­bors if this was their pet, but they said no. I put up signs, but no one called to claim her. Some­times she’d dis­ap­pear and I’d won­der if she found her way home, but on my dark­est days, when I felt lonely and down, I’d come home and she’d be wait­ing for me, lock­ing eyes and purring, rub­bing against me.

One evening I dared to pick her up, and she nes­tled right against my beat­ing heart. In that in­stant, I re­al­ized how wrong I’d been to lose faith in God’s plan. I asked Him to re­lieve my lone­li­ness ex­pect­ing a new friend like Rox­anne, but He had given me a com­pan­ion to soothe my hurts.

“That night, I took her in, named her Faith and ever since, she’s been the first one to see me in the morn­ing and to greet me in the evening. Now I know keep­ing an open heart is more im­por­tant than hav­ing my prayers an­swered. Be­cause the an­swer may al­ready be un­der my nose!”

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