Simple Grace - - Letter From The Editor -

Dear child, as you all are dif­fer­ent, so you all hear My voice in dif­fer­ent ways. But there is no hi­er­ar­chy in this. There is no higher or lower, bet­ter or worse. Just dif­fer­ent.

To find Me in you, it’s im­por­tant to still your mind and body. Re­leas­ing ten­sion in your body through ex­er­cise can help with this. Re­leas­ing wor­ries from your mind through spend­ing time out­side in your Fa­ther’s cre­ation can also help with this.

When you’re ready to lis­ten, find a pri­vate place and re­lease what­ever ten­sion you’re hold­ing in your body. Let what­ever is wor­ry­ing your mind pass like clouds through a clear blue sky—just as you’re aware of clouds float­ing through the sky, but try not to fol­low them with your eyes, try not to think through your thoughts and wor­ries. Just let them come to mind and then pass by.

From this place of still­ness, kin­dle the love you feel for Me in your heart. Add in a lit­tle joy, a lit­tle grat­i­tude, and imag­ine send­ing Me this lovely gift as though on a beam of light to My heart. Do you feel a sud­den lift­ing of your spirit? That’s the Holy Spirit bring­ing you My mul­ti­pli­ca­tion of your beau­ti­ful feel­ing. See how it’s like what you sent Me but so much more? Do you feel the love in­crease? From this place of com­mu­nion, you may ask Me any­thing you like. My an­swer may come as a feel­ing or sense of know­ing or some­thing you see in your mind’s eye. How you hear is how I’ll speak…al­ways and with love.

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