Simple Grace - - Letter From The Editor -

“Dear Lord, even though I’ve al­ways con­sid­ered my­self a kind­hearted per­son, I’ve been mak­ing a lot of snap judg­ments about oth­ers lately—and none of them have been kind. I as­sumed my friend was be­ing vain for post­ing dozens of pic­tures of her mother and her­self on Face­book dur­ing her re­cent va­ca­tion, only to learn her mom has ter­mi­nal can­cer and may never make it to the beach again. Even worse: I went to a bas­ket bingo at the lo­cal fire hall last night and im­me­di­ately thought, What a waste! when the door prize of a spa mas­sage and man­i­cure was won by an older man. Imag­ine my horror when he told the crowd he’d been job­less for months and couldn’t wait to give the gift cer­tifi­cate to his wife for her birth­day. I didn’t even need a free mas­sage and I still made an­other false as­sump­tion. Please help my grudg­ing heart!”

Wis­dom of the Word

Why do you pass judg­ment on your brother? Or you, why do you de­spise your brother? For we will all stand be­fore the judg­ment seat of God.

—Paul in a let­ter to the Ro­mans, 14:10

We un­der­stand and yet…

We know it’s wrong to pass judg­ment, but we keep con­demn­ing oth­ers un­fairly. We jump to con­clu­sions and think the worst of peo­ple, even when they’ve given us no just cause. It’s as if our com­pas­sion falls by the way­side. What’s the se­cret to be­ing con­sis­tently ten­der­hearted?

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