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Dear child, when some­thing weighs on your heart, you can turn to ei­ther your body or your spirit for comfort. When you seek to comfort your heart through your flesh—through food, drink, drugs or sex— the ef­fect is fleet­ing.

The cookie soothes while you’re eat­ing it, but as soon as it’s gone you need an­other for the sooth­ing to con­tinue. This of course leads to over­do­ing it— and the health con­se­quences that fol­low.

When you seek to comfort your heart through your spirit, how­ever, your spirit en­lists the Holy Spirit for help. And by means of My Helper, your heart is not only soothed, it’s healed, leav­ing you joy­ful and healthy and ready to take on your next chal­lenge.

The next time some­thing stress­ful or hurt­ful hap­pens and you feel an im­pulse to soothe your heart through your body, stop your­self. Take a time-out and close your eyes if you can and re­mem­ber how much you love Me. Send up that love and feel My love as the Holy Spirit lifts your spirit. Rest in this prayer for a minute or two to give the Spirit time to re­set and re­plen­ish your spirit in a way that leaves your heart healed and hope­ful.

Although at first you still may feel the tug of your bod­ily crav­ings, restor­ing your spirit will make that tug eas­ier to re­sist. And over time, it will dis­ap­pear al­to­gether.

“Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the king­dom of heaven. Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be com­forted.”

—Je­sus to the crowd,

Matthew 5:3–4

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