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Dear child, imag­ine you’re be­ing held in the jaws of an alligator. The beast has his enor­mous jaws clamped lightly around your torso. With ev­ery pass­ing day, that ma­li­cious mouth clamps just a lit­tle bit tighter. You look ahead and see a long, tor­tured fu­ture that will end in a painful death.

Now imag­ine that an an­i­mal lover hap­pens upon you and of­fers you a way out: He will ar­range for your safe re­lease just so long as you al­low the gator to re­treat in peace. Would you refuse, think­ing, No, I’d rather re­main here stuck in the crea­ture’s jaws. Of course not. Who cares what hap­pens to the gator? What mat­ters is your free­dom.

So it is with your heart: Keep­ing your heart clean of mal­ice toward oth­ers lib­er­ates you to live eter­nally in

Me. The fate of the one who hurts you is not your con­cern: Your fo­cus should be on your own free­dom rather than the con­se­quences that are meted out to oth­ers.

So, yes, you must find a way to flush any bit­ter­ness from your heart toward the one who in­sults you. But that does not mean you are ob­li­gated to suf­fer harm at the hands of oth­ers. By spend­ing time in com­mu­nion with Me, you de­velop a di­vine ar­mor. As our re­la­tion­ship deep­ens, your pri­or­i­ties will shift in such a way that the in­sults of oth­ers will seem like so many flies eas­ily swat­ted away. They will no longer be able to touch your heart.

“Truly, I say to you, what­ever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven, and what­ever you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.” —Je­sus to the dis­ci­ples,

Matthew 18:18

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