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“Dear Lord, I’ve been look­ing for a bet­ter way to serve You since my chil­dren left the nest, and I can’t find it any­where. It’s been nearly five years, and I’m ready and will­ing, but it al­ways turns out I’m not able. I looked into mis­sion­ary work and wasn’t el­i­gi­ble be­cause of health is­sues. And though I tried to help re­build com­mu­ni­ties dam­aged by floods and tor­na­dos, I was turned away twice—their real need is for peo­ple with con­struc­tion ex­pe­ri­ence, which I’m sadly lack­ing. I do help out in my own com­mu­nity, but any­one could han­dle the pa­per­work and other ran­dom tasks I take care of at the places where I vol­un­teer. I’m not com­plain­ing that I don’t have the abil­i­ties that oth­ers have; I know I could rise to the op­por­tu­nity to do some­thing more mean­ing­ful for You. Won’t You please give me the chance?”

Wis­dom of the Word

You see then that a man is jus­ti­fied by works, and not by faith only…For as the body with­out the spirit is dead, so faith with­out works is dead also.

—James to the Early Church, 2:24,26 NKJV

We un­der­stand and yet…

We do our best to serve in Your name, but some­times we doubt that we’re do­ing enough. The small ways we help our neigh­bors seem so, well…un­glo­ri­ous com­pared with the as­sis­tance and guid­ance we see oth­ers ren­der. How can we tell if our ef­forts are do­ing You jus­tice?

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