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Dear child, please un­der­stand that it’s not your works that de­fine you: it’s your soul’s ca­pac­ity to ac­cept My grace. As your heart goes out to Me again and again in love, your soul al­lows in more grace… as a child lov­ingly gath­ers wild­flow­ers in a meadow.

As your heart be­comes filled with di­vine love and your soul be­comes filled with di­vine grace, you may dis­cover that you feel com­pelled to do more good works. Many of My open­hearted fol­low­ers serve the wid­ows, the or­phans, the poor. Oth­ers feel prompted by their grace-full souls to spend time in soli­tude pray­ing for the well-be­ing of oth­ers. Still oth­ers work on be­half of causes that serve the over­all well-be­ing of your Fa­ther’s cre­ation. The man­i­fes­ta­tions of My grace work­ing through the hearts and souls of oth­ers are many. So, please, don’t judge your­self on the ba­sis of your works. What counts is your pure heart and grace-filled soul, and only your Fa­ther, the Holy Spirit and I know the truth of that.

Come to Me now so I can re­fill your cup of grace.

Send Me a beau­ti­ful wave of your af­fec­tion­ate joy and feel your spirit soar as the Holy Spirit brings you con­fir­ma­tion of My bound­less love for you. Rest here in My arms as the Holy Spirit re­aligns your spirit, brings your heart My love and brings your soul my grace. There… what­ever you do to­day, large or small, will be wor­thy.

“The good per­son out of the good trea­sure of his heart pro­duces good, and the evil per­son out of his evil trea­sure pro­duces evil.” —Je­sus to the dis­ci­ples,

Luke 6:45

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