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Dear child, I’m so sorry for your strug­gle—I un­der­stand how much fear you can feel when you’re un­sure of hav­ing enough. But in truth, fac­ing a slim wal­let can be a bless­ing in dis­guise as it urges you to shift to fo­cus­ing on the trea­sure of your heart.

“Do not store up for your­selves trea­sures on earth, where moth and rust de­stroy, and where thieves break in and steal. But store up for your­selves trea­sures in heaven, where nei­ther moth nor rust de­stroys, and where thieves do not break in or steal; for where your trea­sure is, there your heart will be also.

—Je­sus to the crowd, Matthew 6:19–21 NASB

How do you make your­self rich in your Fa­ther’s king­dom? By giv­ing of your heart. And you can start in­vest­ing to­day just by look­ing around you and of­fer­ing a hand to an older man who stum­bles, help­ing a lost dog find his way home or giv­ing a cashier a look of know­ing kind­ness when she fum­bles. Ev­ery time you send your heart out to an­other in kind­ness, it’s like you’re ad­ding an­other gold nugget to your trea­sure in Heaven.

What’s most beau­ti­ful about this is you’ll find that by open­ing your heart and giv­ing, you’ll hap­pen upon op­por­tu­ni­ties that will lead to a less­en­ing of your wor­ries. That older man you help may know some­one who’s look­ing for an em­ployee like you. That lost dog may be re­turned to an owner who be­stows a re­ward. That cashier may scan a store coupon she has on your be­half. Give and you shall re­ceive…now and eter­nally.

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