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Dear child, it breaks My heart to hear how you put your­self un­der such pres­sure. With­out mean­ing to, you are ac­tu­ally be­liev­ing a lie that has been sown by My en­emy. The lie is that you have to be per­fect to be loved. This is not the truth.

Your Fa­ther made you with lim­i­ta­tions that He hopes will prod you into seek­ing Him in love. Not only did He not make you to be per­fect, it’s His ex­plicit will that you dis­cover your im­per­fec­tions and use them as way to seek Him out. It’s in your weak­ness that you are made strong. It’s in your fail­ures that you tri­umph.

The truth is: Your Fa­ther loves you in your im­per­fec­tion. When you stum­ble and reach out to Him for strength, His love is made com­plete. Ev­ery time you fall short—when you spill that drink, mis­re­mem­ber that fact, trip on the way up the stairs—look up for strength, reach out for guid­ance, take in Our love.

If you make a habit of send­ing out a prayer ev­ery time you fal­ter, your blun­ders will be­come the most pow­er­ful good in your life.

Come to Me now so you can feel the breadth and depth of My love for you. Set­tle your mind and body and en­vi­sion your love for Me as a feather that floats and bobs on a breeze as it winds its way to Me. Feel your spirit lift as the Holy Spirit brings you re­as­sur­ance that in your weak­ness, you are truly made whole.

“When [the devil] lies, he speaks out of his own char­ac­ter, for he is a liar and the fa­ther of lies.”

—Je­sus to the Pharisees,

John 8:44

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