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Dear child, when you take a pho­to­graph, you have the de­ci­sion to zoom in tightly on one as­pect of the scene or to pan out and so cap­ture a greater breadth. When it comes to com­par­ing your­self to oth­ers, the se­cret is to pan way back.

When you feel your­self get­ting jeal­ous, open up your view. Is this per­son who has the thing you covet faced with other chal­lenges? Per­haps she is wor­ried about her weight while you are nat­u­rally thin. Or she is lonely be­cause her old­est child moved away while yours lives close by. Or she has ten­sion with her hus­band be­hind the scenes. Or she’s bat­tling the fear that she may have can­cer. By in­vok­ing both your knowl­edge of her sit­u­a­tion as well as your imag­i­na­tion, you will re­al­ize that you don’t want all of what she has: You just want that one thing. And life doesn’t work that way.

By tak­ing a broader view, you will avoid fo­cus­ing tightly on some­thing—like a gnat—while ig­nor­ing some­thing larger. You can ap­ply that wider per­spec­tive to your­self as well: Do you love oth­ers with a pure heart? If the an­swer is yes, you’ve done the main thing: You’ve strained out the camel.

Please come to Me now so you can feel the truth of this. Send Me a wave of your joy­ful love and feel the Holy Spirit lift your spirit. Rest here in My arms for a few min­utes as the Spirit re­sets your spirit in truth and love and peace. It will be eas­ier now to see things with wide eyes.

“You blind guides, strain­ing out a gnat and swal­low­ing a camel!” —Je­sus to the Pharisees,

Matthew 23:24

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