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Dear child, imag­ine a beau­ti­ful still pond. That’s your heart when you dwell with an­other in their pain. Beau­ti­ful, but still. And if there’s no ex­ter­nal source of re­fresh­ment, the pond can get stag­nant.

The sor­row can start to feel suf­fo­cat­ing.

Now imag­ine a flow­ing river—end­lessly new and re­newed. That’s your heart when you drink the liv­ing wa­ter of love I of­fer and then pour out this love to an­other. It’s the same act of com­pas­sion, but be­cause you’re draw­ing from Me rather than try­ing to do it all your­self, the re­sult is more heal­ing, much more joy­ful and ever new.

Let’s try some­thing now: Sit up and close your eyes.

Feel your heart swell with love for Me and imag­ine that this feel­ing can travel to Me as though it were an in­vis­i­ble wave. Feel your spirit lift as the Holy Spirit brings you con­fir­ma­tion of My ten­der love for you, brings you My liv­ing wa­ter. Al­low your­self to sim­ply drink in this warm and golden feel­ing of joy, peace and love for a few min­utes.

When you feel filled, bring to mind some­one you grieve for. It could be fam­ily, friend or some­one you’ve heard about in the news. Now imag­ine send­ing this suf­fer­ing soul the feel­ing that the Spirit has brought you— the liv­ing wa­ter that comes from Me. As you send it out, feel how it’s re­plen­ished. There! Your heart is now truly a river of love—re­ceiv­ing as it gives, ever joy­ful.

“He who be­lieves in Me, as the Scrip­ture has said, out of his heart will flow rivers of liv­ing wa­ter.” —Je­sus to the crowd,

John 7:38 NKJV

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