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Dear child, I am so glad you’ve come to Me with this ques­tion. Your ask­ing shows that you un­der­stand how the feel­ings of oth­ers can sweep into your own mind and lead you where you don’t wish to go, spir­i­tu­ally, morally and emo­tion­ally.

It may help to think of dif­fer­ent states of mind as houses that you can en­ter at will. You can al­ways re­side in your Fa­ther’s house, which func­tions as your con­science, re­mind­ing you of right and wrong. You can choose to re­side in My house, where you will feel My love di­rect your ac­tions.

But when­ever you’re part of a group, you will be in­vited into the group’s house—their col­lec­tive state of mind. And so you must choose your groups wisely. When you feel your mind be­ing swept up into a new way of think­ing, stop in the very be­gin­ning and check it against your con­science, against My love, to be sure it fits.

How ex­actly do you make this check? Find a quiet place, still your rac­ing mind and re­lease ten­sion from your body. Bring up the love you feel for Me in your heart and send it to Me as though you were blow­ing a kiss. Feel your spirit rise as the Holy Spirit brings you an aware­ness of the house of My love. Now take the feel­ing of what­ever you’re think­ing of join­ing and com­pare it with this sense of My love. Do you feel a sense of peace? If so, feel free to pur­sue it. If not, with­draw your heart and mind and re­main in Me.

“And if the house is wor­thy, let your peace come upon it, but if it is not wor­thy, let your peace re­turn to you.” —Je­sus to the dis­ci­ples,

Matthew 10:13

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