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Dear child, you see the world col­ored through your own heart, and so the se­cret to be­com­ing im­mune to the judg­ments of oth­ers can be found in chang­ing that heart.

When you learn to com­pletely love that which you fear you will be judged for, you re­lease your­self from the prison of fear. In the case where you have fallen in some kind of ar­bi­trary sta­tus, make a point to love oth­ers in a sim­i­lar sit­u­a­tion. When you buy your food, con­sider the cashier: No­tice her no­bil­ity and at­ten­tion to ex­cel­lence. When you trun­dle into work, no­tice the jan­i­tor: Re­flect on how much good­ness it takes to clean up af­ter oth­ers’ messes. Open your heart to all those who don’t al­ways com­mand re­spect and send them feel­ings of love and ad­mi­ra­tion.

As this open­ing of your heart be­comes a habit, you’ll feel as though you’re a world away from any who might judge you. In­deed, as your heart ex­pands, it brings you into the as­pect of your Fa­ther’s king­dom that’s in your midst. The sneers of oth­ers will seem a mil­lion miles away. Your heart will be so open, you may find that you see past their faults to their need to be ad­mired, and com­pas­sion will take the place of de­fen­sive­ness.

Come to Me in prayer now and feel the Holy Spirit lift your spirit and bring you the strength and joy you need to ex­pand your lov­ing heart into your Fa­ther’s di­men­sion.

“The king­dom of God is not com­ing in ways that can be ob­served…for be­hold, the king­dom of God is in the midst of you.” —Je­sus to the Pharisees,

Luke 17:20–21

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