Tun­ing out the noise


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“Dear Lord, I fi­nally de­cided to carve out time to get quiet and spend with You in prayer this week­end, and now I feel rot­ten: My sis­ter is an­gry be­cause I won’t help at her yard sale, and my pas­tor re­minded me of my ‘duty’ when I said I couldn’t spend Sun­day night typ­ing up the church news­let­ter. How do I push away my worldly guilt to reach an oa­sis of heav­enly peace?”

Wis­dom of the Word

Do not de­prive one an­other, ex­cept per­haps by agree­ment for a lim­ited time, that you may de­vote your­selves to prayer. —Paul in 1 Corinthi­ans 7:5

We un­der­stand and yet…

We can get so used to serv­ing oth­ers’ needs that tend­ing to our own spir­i­tual life with You feels self­ish. We are let­ting them down when we with­draw. What is the fix?

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