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Dear child, your first duty is al­ways to Me. There will surely be days when you re­sent this and wish to go your own way; but when the world makes claims on your time, you can rest easy when you take a time-out to be with Me.

Imag­ine a sym­phony orches­tra in which the mem­bers are giv­ing one an­other a great deal of di­rec­tion.

The mu­si­cian to your right says, “Play like this!” and the mu­si­cian to your left says, “Play like that!” You would be­gin to get so dis­tracted that you’d have trou­ble con­cen­trat­ing on the con­duc­tor.

So too with the de­mands the world makes on you in op­po­si­tion to your Fa­ther’s lead­er­ship: Some­times you must de­tach from the world in order to re­align with the One who leads you in your best di­rec­tion. Dur­ing My in­car­na­tion in your world, I didn’t hes­i­tate to with­draw and spend hours in prayer with our Fa­ther. It was nec­es­sary to keep Me aligned with His will.

When you re­con­sider the ex­am­ple of the orches­tra, you re­al­ize that the ones who were bark­ing or­ders also only want the group to make the most beau­ti­ful mu­sic pos­si­ble. So when you with­draw from them to re­gain fo­cus on the con­duc­tor, you pur­sue what they most wish…just not us­ing the means they sug­gest. Since you serve your neigh­bor’s high­est good when you serve your Fa­ther, don’t ever hes­i­tate to go your own way to pray.

Now it came to pass in those days that He went out to the moun­tain to pray, and con­tin­ued all night in prayer to God.

—Luke 6:12 NKJV

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