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Dear child, you must not be too hard on your­self over your back­slid­ing into ir­ri­tabil­ity. You are by your very na­ture des­tined to drift off course again and again. Your Fa­ther’s will is that ev­ery time you drift off course, you take it as a re­minder to re­turn to Him for guid­ance.

Pic­ture an old jalopy with it’s wheels out of align­ment: When­ever it goes for­ward, it lists to the left and the driver must con­tin­u­ally make cor­rec­tions to keep it on track. You aren’t so dif­fer­ent: You will by your very na­ture drift off course. It’s noth­ing to beat your­self up over. Rather, use it as a nudge to come to Me in prayer and re­ceive the Holy Spirit’s guid­ance.

When you be­gin your day with 5 or 10 min­utes of rest­ing in Me, you al­low the Holy Spirit to re­cal­i­brate your spirit in such a way that you’re aligned for the day. Of course, un­ex­pected hap­pen­ings can act like pot­holes and throw off your align­ment. When you no­tice your­self feel­ing ir­ri­ta­ble or neg­a­tive, re­sist the urge to find con­fir­ma­tion of your state of mind from an­other: Your neigh­bor can­not lead you in these cir­cum­stances. In­stead, find a way to take a time-out and send your heart to Me. Close your eyes, send Me your grate­ful joy and ask some­thing like, Lord, please help me get back to the lov­ing cen­ter. Al­low your wor­ries, an­noy­ances and self-re­crim­i­na­tions to fall out of your mind and rest in the peace­ful joy the Spirit brings you. I prom­ise, you’ll emerge re­freshed and re­newed.

“A blind man can­not guide a blind man, can he? Will they not both fall into a pit?”

—Je­sus to the crowd,

Luke 6:39 NASB

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