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È To reach Ba­nana and Flat­iron, ex­pect two long tra­verses. “Be on the down­hill side of the tra­verse so if you need to slow down, you can point your tips up­hill,” says Her­rin. The best way to ski Ba­nana is down the gut. It can get hairy on the sides be­cause of the small trees that line it. If you’re look­ing to ski a more open face, try Flat­iron. It’s con­vex rather than con­cave, with widely spaced trees. The snow on skier’s left stays cool and dry longer. To get out of Ba­nana you have to ski the Hockey Rink. If you ski Flat­iron and find Hockey Rink is frozen, there’s a way out called the Luge, but it’s a chal­leng­ing, tight tra­verse.

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