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Writ­ing about the con­tro­versy afoot at Squaw Val­ley-Alpine Mead­ows was per­sonal for Ta­hoe City-based Michel­son, who grew up ski­ing there (“Ar­rested De­vel­op­ment,” page 58). “When talk­ing to peo­ple, I’d find my­self nod­ding in agree­ment, un­til I’d talk to some­one on the other side, then I’d flip-flop,” she says. “Both sides have valid points.” The crux of the is­sue for Michel­son is did the re­sort fol­low the right steps in plan­ning this de­vel­op­ment; did they lis­ten to the lo­cals? “Or,” she won­ders, “do they even need to?” What is a re­sort’s re­spon­si­bil­ity when it comes to ex­pand­ing its busi­ness and heed­ing the con­cerns of its fans? “I’m still not sure how I feel about it.”

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