Utah’s Pow­der Moun­tain is cap­ping daily ticket sales at 1,500 to make sure rid­ers have plenty of room to get their shred on this sea­son. Let’s see: At 7,957 lift-served acres, skiers each have roughly five acres to them­selves.


Amer­i­can Forests, whose mis­sion is to pro­tect and re­store ecosys­tems around the world. “Peo­ple are dis­con­nected from the nat­u­ral world right now,” duPont says. “I hon­estly think it’s part of the rea­son we’re see­ing th­ese nat­u­ral dis­as­ters. We’re just not in tune with the planet.” DuPont is pas­sion­ate that if the next gen­er­a­tion has a chance to get out and en­joy na­ture—that it’s still here for them to en­joy—they’ll make a deeper con­nec­tion with it, lead­ing to re­spect for the planet and its dwin­dling re­sources. “Re­spect­ing na­ture is heal­ing,” she says.

The Lexi Mitt isn’t just a pretty piece of handwear. DuPont was adamant that it be a killer mitten, too, warm and func­tional, with a cou­ple bells and whis­tles thrown in for good mea­sure. For one, there’s a zip­per along the in­dex fin­ger that ac­cesses a touch­screen-com­pat­i­ble glove liner. And de­spite the name, this is a gen­der-neu­tral mitt that comes in all sizes. “Be­cause,” in­sists duPont, “spread­ing love is for all the peo­ple.”

The mitten is in stores and on­line this fall, and re­tails for $149. Find it at ed­diebauer.com.

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