Sake Sip­pers


Made from fer­mented rice, sake is a Ja­panese spirit best en­joyed warm dur­ing the cold, snowy months of win­ter any­where on Hokkaido. Stop into any iza­kaya, or Ja­panese pub, and try a jun­shu or kun­shu sake, two dif­fer­ent types served kan­shu, or warm. The al­co­hol con­tent is around 20 per­cent for most sakes, mak­ing it a per­fectly pleas­ant aper­i­tif. Fill your drink­ing part­ner’s cup—and they do the same for you—and en­joy the color, aroma, and taste. With more than 1,600 sake pro­duc­ers in Ja­pan, ask the bar­tender about his or her fa­vorite.

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