The best in­jury is the one you never had...

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...It was well into the sea­son a cou­ple of years ago when my good friend and I headed out for our first day ski­ing to­gether. We took a cruiser run to warm up and I im­me­di­ately no­ticed that he was ski­ing much faster and bet­ter than in years past. He didn’t stop for our reg­u­lar mid-run rest and I was out of breath by the time I fi­nally made it into the lift line. Be­ing the ‘tough guy’ that I am, I mum­bled a stupid com­ment about my skis need­ing wax and got on the lift (avoid­ing eye con­tact).

On the way up he sug­gested we go look for some pow­der in the trees in an area that we usu­ally avoided in the past. Again the ‘tough guy’ came out and I con­fi­dently agreed (after all, I am ‘okay’ in pow­der). I fol­lowed him across a long tra­verse. We scoped out a great look­ing spot. The snow looked per­fect. It was un­touched and wait­ing for us to dive in. Side-by-side we headed down the run into the white blan­ket of seem­ingly pris­tine snow.

Im­me­di­ately we re­al­ized this snow wasn’t what it ap­peared to be. It was hard crust on top with dense wet ce­ment un­der­neath. I strug­gled to stay in bal­ance while turn­ing my skis through the crud. After a cou­ple min­utes I re­al­ized my friend had al­ready man­aged to make it down. My ego came out again and I sped up while try­ing to make it look like my legs weren’t scream­ing at me. A turn later my mus­cles gave out on me, I went down in a tan­gle of skis and poles. When I came to a halt I knew I had hurt my­self badly…

A few months and a ma­jor knee surgery later my friend came to visit me while I was re­cov­er­ing. I fi­nally asked him why he skied so well that day and how he made it so eas­ily through that crud. He sim­ply said, “My Skier’s Edge.” He then told me that he’d bought it be­fore the ski sea­son started and had been us­ing it ev­ery week.

I im­me­di­ately jumped on the web and searched for Skier’s Edge. I found out that it’s a lat­eral ski trainer that im­proves tech­nique and strength­ens ski-spe­cific mus­cles to help pre­vent in­juries (too late for me there). Then a HUGE BONUS… I read it’s a non- im­pact work­out used for re­hab­bing in­juries too! I called and bought one on the spot.

I spent the rest of that sea­son and the en­tire sum­mer reg­u­larly us­ing the Skier’s Edge. Com­bined with my other phys­i­cal ther­apy my leg was back to full strength and my Doc gave me the all clear. Even though I felt my in­juries were healed I was still a bit scared to hit the slopes again (lets be hon­est, I was ter­ri­fied).

On my first day back I he­si­tantly started down an easy blue. IN­STANT WOW! I felt stronger and more in con­trol than I ever had. I spent the rest of that week ski­ing blues, blacks and even dou­ble blacks I’d never skied be­fore. I’ve al­ways loved ski­ing, but now that I’m ad­vanced and on my way to ex­pert I love it even more! If only I’d known about the Skier’s Edge be­fore my trip down ‘ce­ment run’ and ‘in­jury lane’.

I now tell ev­ery­one the best in­jury is the one you never had... and to get a Skier’s Edge.

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