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Skiing - - “these Skis Are Big, Lethargic, And Unwieldy. Othe -

A mis­sile to aim right down the fall line, the Kästle BMX 118 is built with a win­ning for­mula: sturdy side­wall con­struc­tion, a long turn­ing ra­dius, and sub­tle tip rocker. All that power does re­quire some strength to con­trol. But those up to the chal­lenge should ex­pect hair-rais­ing des­cents, take-no-pris­on­ers crud per­for­mance, and im­pres­sive long-turn abil­ity on hard­pack. “One thing’s for cer­tain,” re­marked one tester. “Th­ese things rip.”

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