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The Grav­ity is a goany­where and seeany­thing gog­gle. Its pho­tochromic lenses au­to­mat­i­cally ad­just to the light around you so you’re never stuck fid­dling with in­ter­change­able lenses half­way through the day. The medium-size frame fits most faces and pro­vides an am­ple field of view. [from $100] With its thin frame and over­size de­sign, the Stu­pefy pro­vides an ex­pan­sive field of vi­sion and sharp op­tics. Shred’s No BS lens-change sys­tem isn’t the flashiest of tech sto­ries, but it gets the job done— with sim­ple tabs and grooves—when the light changes and you want switch lenses. [$180] If Spy’s style doesn’t make you smile, then the su­per-easy Happy Lens Tech­nol­ogy lens-change sys­tem will. Just press a but­ton on the side of the frame to switch be­tween dark and light lenses, both of which are de­signed to boost color and con­trast and am­plify the sun’s mood-im­prov­ing rays. [from $185] Whether you’re crush­ing bumps, lap­ping back bowls, or en­joy­ing après, the Smiths I/OS, es­pe­cially the Neon Ar­chive model, has your look. On snow, you’ll ap­pre­ci­ate its two in­cluded lenses and their quick-swap sys­tem. On the sun­deck bar, you’ll dig the eye-catch­ing styling, you chick mag­net, you. [$175] Two vents and an­tifog coat­ing keep the mas­sive cylin­dri­cal lenses of the O2 XL free of any con­den­sa­tion, whether it’s from sweat or storm-day snow. Sub­tle tem­ple notches in the frame ac­com­mo­date pre­scrip­tion glasses. The O2 of­fers a piece of Sean Pet­tit’s style…but prob­a­bly not his skills. [$80]

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