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Snow­mo­bil­ers are very pas­sion­ate about their sport. This pas­sion en­sures laws are in place, safety pro­grams are es­tab­lished, trails are main­tained and that all of th­ese things are be­ing pro­moted. Let our cam­paign be­gin! Dur­ing 2011 and 2012, Snow­mo­bile North Dakota (SND) and the North Dakota Parks and Recre­ation Depart­ment (NDPRD) had the op­por­tu­nity to lis­ten to snow­mo­bil­ers and set the new goals and ob­jec­tives for the snow­mo­bile pro­gram. A to­tal of six leg­isla­tive ob­jec­tives were pro­posed. Some of the items in­cluded in­creas­ing snow­mo­bile fines, re­quir­ing deal­ers to reg­is­ter at the time of sale and elim­i­nat­ing the ex­cise taxes on snow­mo­biles. Th­ese new goals were col­lected at re­gional trail meet­ings and in the strate­gic plan­ning sur­vey used to de­velop the 2013-2017 North Dakota Snow­mo­bile Pro­gram Strate­gic Plan. For more in­for­ma­tion on the cur­rent strate­gic plan please visit our web­site www.snow­mo­bilend.org.

Af­ter re­ceiv­ing di­rec­tion from the mem­ber­ship the past few years the fol­low­ing three items were pro­posed for the 2015 Leg­isla­tive Rec­om­men­da­tions: In­crease the snow­mo­bile reg­is­tra­tion fee to $60 per two year pe­riod (cur­rently $40). Trans­fer the snow­mo­bile reg­is­tra­tion ad­min­is­tra­tion from the North Dakota Depart­ment of Trans­porta­tion to the North Dakota Parks and Recre­ation Depart­ment.

In or­der to en­hance ed­u­ca­tion op­por­tu­ni­ties and pro­mote a fun fam­ily ac­tiv­ity; snow­mo­bile rid­ers ages 10 and 11 may ride on pub­lic prop­erty in­clud­ing the state snow­mo­bile trail sys­tem, as long as they have been cer­ti­fied by the North Dakota Parks and Recre­ation Depart­ment and are rid­ing in the pres­ence of a par­ent or guardian.

Spe­cial thanks to NDPRD for work­ing on the trans­fer of the snow­mo­bile reg­is­tra­tion ad­min­is­tra­tion and the in­crease in the snow­mo­bile reg­is­tra­tion. NDPRD has been work­ing with the North Dakota Depart­ment of Trans­porta­tion (DOT) for three years re­search­ing and build­ing up the cam­paign. This fall the Di­rec­tors from NDPRD and DOT signed a de­ci­sion doc­u­ment stat­ing both agen­cies are in fa­vor of trans­fer­ring the snow­mo­bile reg­is­tra­tion ad­min­is­tra­tion from DOT to NDPRD. Sen­a­tors Kelly Arm­strong (Dick­in­son) and Oley Larsen (Minot) are spon­sors of this bill. SND is head­ing up the youth snow­mo­bile op­er­a­tion leg­is­la­tion. Re­search has been con­ducted re­gard­ing the sur­round­ing states laws help­ing es­tab­lish the pro­posed lan­guage. Spe­cial thanks to the Val­ley Snow Drifters for in­form­ing Sen­a­tor Tom Camp­bell about the snow­mo­bile leg­is­la­tion. Sen­a­tor Tom Camp­bell, along with Sen­a­tors Kelly Arm­strong, Oley Larsen and Tyler Ax­ness, and Rep­re­sen­ta­tive Jon Nel­son have agreed to help spon­sor the leg­is­la­tion.

The 64th Leg­isla­tive As­sem­bly of­fi­cially opens Jan­uary 6th, 2015. Both pieces of leg­is­la­tion will be in­tro­duced by the Sen­ate and should be re­viewed by the Sen­ate Trans­porta­tion Com­mit­tee be­fore go­ing to the floor for a fi­nal vote. If they pass the floor vote, then the bills will cross over to the House of Rep­re­sen­ta­tives side on Fe­bru­ary 27th. Please make sure to reach out to your lo­cal Rep­re­sen­ta­tives and Sen­a­tors with your sup­port for th­ese pieces of leg­is­la­tion. SND will use email blasts to in­form ev­ery­one when com­mit­tee hear­ings and votes will take place, so please make sure you are watch­ing your email. If you are cur­rently not on our email list please con­tact SND. It’s im­por­tant to fill the room with snow­mo­bile jack­ets and show our sup­port!

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