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HASLETT, MI, Fe­bru­ary 19, 2015: The Take a Friend Snow­mo­bil­ing Week proved to be a great suc­cess. Clubs, groups and As­so­ci­a­tions across North Amer­ica held fun rides, mil­i­tary rides, Po­lit­i­cal rides and just had fun snow­mo­bil­ing with friends. Fol­low­ing the des­ig­nated week, many in­di­vid­u­als are plan­ning ad­di­tional rides with new and old friends alike. There is still a good bit of win­ter ahead of us and the trails and rid­ing ar­eas in many ar­eas are in phe­nom­e­nal shape. Re­mem­ber too that this time of year, the day­light is get­ting lit­tle longer and pro­vides slightly warmer tem­per­a­tures for our rid­ing com­fort.

The Take a Friend ride that I par­tic­i­pated in high­lighted again for me the WOW fac­tor and the pure en­joy­ment that peo­ple have on a snow­mo­bile. I rode with a num­ber of first time snow­mo­bil­ers and they couldn’t quit talk­ing about how much fun it was and how they couldn’t wait to do it again! Thank­fully I was well pre­pared for the ride and made sure that my guests were well dressed and com­fort­able. I have been for­tu­nate to have snow­mo­biled with the In­trepid Snow­mo­biler – Craig Ni­chol­son. Craig re­cently wrote an ar­ti­cle on “how to shape your friends’ ex­pe­ri­ence to help de­ter­mine if snow­mo­bil­ing wins over an­other con­vert.” Craig’s ar­ti­cle hit the nail on the head when he stated that the first thing to re­mem­ber is: “Your friend is not ex­pe­ri­enced. Keep the ride slow, short and sim­ple. Chances are that your nor­mal ride would seem like a marathon to an unini­ti­ated friend.” A few well put words from Craig go a long way when in­tro­duc­ing your friends to snow­mo­bil­ing. As Craig high­lights to me, “Don’t show off or push the en­ve­lope or chal­lenge your friend be­yond their ca­pa­bil­i­ties or com­fort zone. Re­mem­ber, you’re the one that snow­mo­biles and un­der­stands his/her ma­chine. Let your friend en­joy the day. Go slow, make it short, make it sim­ple, and by the way….it al­ways helps to feed them well.”

The Go Snow­mo­bil­ing/Take a Friend Snow­mo­bil­ing cam­paign con­tin­ues to ex­pand with new ad­di­tions to the Go Snow­mo­bil­ing Web site. The Safe Rid­ers! 22 minute safety video is now avail­able on YouTube and can be ac­cessed through the Go Snow­mo­bil­ing Web site at http://www.gosnow­mo­bil­ing.org/snow­mo­bil­ing-resources. html#In­struc­tion­alVideo , or the ISMA Web site at http://www.snow­mo­bile.org/snow­mo­bile­safety.asp . This is a great tool when in­tro­duc­ing a friend to snow­mo­bil­ing to help make your ride more en­joy­able.

If you “LIKE” our Face­book page www.face­book.com/GoSnow­mo­bil­ing , you may no­tice that more snow­mo­bil­ers are post­ing their pic­tures and their ex­pe­ri­ences to our page. We have over 7500 friends who visit our page reg­u­larly and it is com­mon for our fun and in­for­ma­tive posts to be for­warded to thou­sands of snow­mo­bile en­thu­si­asts. A new ad­di­tion to the Face­book page (www.face­book.com/GoSnow­mo­bil­ing/app_190322544333196) and Go Snow­mo­bil­ing web site (www.gosnow­mo­bil­ing.org/snow­mo­biler-sur­vey.html) is a short gen­eral sur­vey through Sur­vey Mon­key. We ask that ev­ery­one vis­it­ing our Face­book page take this short 10 ques­tion sur­vey, (and if you haven’t done so yet, “LIKE” our page! www.face­book.com/GoSnow­mo­bil­ing) This sur­vey helps us to bet­ter un­der­stand the needs of snow­mo­bil­ers, en­abling us to de­velop pro­grams that will ben­e­fit all of us and help us ex­pand the trail sys­tems and rid­ing ar­eas.

Re­mem­ber that the Take a Friend Snow­mo­bil­ing con­test runs un­til March 31, 2015. Ap­pli­ca­tions to win the con­test are avail­able on the web site. Con­test ap­pli­ca­tions are due by April 30, 2015. We look for­ward to many more late win­ter rides this year as it ap­pears the ground hog was cor­rect and win­ter will be with us for a while longer.

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