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■ The power dy­namic be­tween Sonny and Margaux shifts when the mafioso makes an ex­plo­sive claim about the DA’S mother, Jean­nette.

Ac­cord­ing to her por­trayer, Elizabeth Hendrickson, Margaux is al­ready down in the dumps when she’s ap­proached by the don. “Margaux had wanted Drew to help her take Sonny down, but he said, ‘No, go to hell,’ ” the ac­tress sighs. “She feels like that was her last op­tion. She doesn’t have an­other an­gle that she knows would be the an­swer to her prayers. Aveng­ing her fa­ther’s death is ob­vi­ously at the top of her list of pri­or­i­ties, so she is frus­trated.”

While Margaux re­mains fo­cused on mak­ing Sonny pay for her fa­ther’s death, he has fig­ured out that there is more to Vin­cent’s demise than ei­ther of them pre­vi­ously re­al­ized — and that her mother, Jean­nette, was the one who planted the idea of rub­bing him out. “Margaux is just con­stantly look­ing for an­other way, an­other an­gle, to try to get him,” Hen­dick­son notes. “So, he comes up to her at The Float­ing Rib and it’s just an­other op­por­tu­nity for her to tell him that she’s not back­ing down and that she’s not scared of him. How­ever, as their con­ver­sa­tion con­tin­ues and she fights against him and stands up to him, he shakes her up a bit. He warns her that if she goes

“She needs to know the truth.”

too far, she will re­gret it.”

Margaux is ab­so­lutely floored when Sonny ul­ti­mately re­veals that her mother or­ches­trated her fa­ther’s death, and in­sists that he can prove it. “This is not at all what she was ex­pect­ing,” Hendrickson says. “Margaux knows that he’s a smart guy. Whether she be­lieves him or not, she doesn’t want to be­lieve him. This is prob­a­bly the big­gest slap in the face that she could pos­si­bly get. It is un­fath­omable to her, that he would go that low as to say some­thing like that, whether it’s to up­set her or to scare her away. What­ever his an­gle is, she is ex­tremely up­set and in­sulted.”

But his claim is not one she can ig­nore, and Margaux re­luc­tantly teams up with Sonny to get to the truth. “She is def­i­nitely afraid that he is right,” Hendrickson as­serts. “She is fright­ened about him lead­ing her down a path that is go­ing to hurt her. But she needs to know the truth. She is pray­ing that what he is say­ing is not the truth, be­cause if he is right, she has noth­ing. For some­thing so aw­ful to be true about her mother would be the ul­ti­mate be­trayal.”

Prime Sus­pect: Sonny (Mau­rice Be­nard) drops a bomb­shell on Margaux (Hendrickson).

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