B&B: Pam Plots Against Quinn

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■ A fed-up Pam en­lists Donna’s help to bring down the cur­rent Mrs. Eric For­rester. “Up un­til now, Pam and Quinn have al­ways got­ten along for Eric’s sake,” says Al­ley Mills (Pam). “They’ve corked the dam for a long time, but now that cork is leak­ing af­ter what Quinn did to Stephanie’s por­trait. This is the be­gin­ning of some­thing, and Quinn has no idea of the storm on the hori­zon.”

Pam first reaches out to Donna to make amends. “Pam makes it a point to apol­o­gize to Donna for tor­ment­ing her in the past,” ex­plains Mills. “They’ve al­ready got­ten past that and ac­tu­ally have be­come great friends since those days, but Pam needs Donna to know that she is sorry about what tran­spired be­tween them. And now, nei­ther of them likes Quinn, so that’s some­thing they have in com­mon.”

Know­ing that it will an­noy Quinn, Pam sug­gests to Eric that he re­hire Donna at For­rester Cre­ations. “De­spite all of the ‘prac­ti­cal jokes’ Pam has played on Donna over the years, she still has a soft spot for her,” notes Jen­nifer Gareis (Donna). “It was a med­i­cal con­di­tion that made Pam act that way, and though they used to be fren­e­mies, I think they’re ac­tu­ally friends and now, co-work­ers again. Donna just falls for her lines again and again and again. Some­how, it never gets old.”

“Quinn has no idea of the storm on the hori­zon.”

Ac­cord­ing to Mills, Pam is aware that Donna still has feel­ings for Eric, and hopes to use that to her ad­van­tage. “Donna still lights up when­ever Eric en­ters the room,” Mills points out. “Pam was not a fan of Donna be­ing with Eric, be­cause she be­lieved he was meant to be with her sis­ter, Stephanie. But now that Eric is with Quinn, I think it’s a case of the lesser of two evils. With all the mean things Quinn has said and done over the last few weeks, she is the last per­son Pam would ever want Eric to be with. She doesn’t de­serve him.”

As for Donna, she’s happy to try to rekin­dle things with Eric. “Quinn has qui­eted down due to Eric’s in­flu­ence, be­cause that’s what Eric does to a woman; he grounds them,” as­serts Gareis. “But I think Donna be­ing back in the pic­ture will bring out that side of Quinn that we haven’t seen in awhile. Donna and Pam both want the same thing, pos­si­bly for the first time ever, so I be­lieve they will be a force to be reck­oned with.”

Round Two: Pam (Mills, r.) turns to Donna for help neu­tral­iz­ing Quinn (Rena Sofer).

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